The Doghouse Suite

by Strangers On A Train

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The Doghouse Suite is a conceptual album about a brothel where the prostitutes are very young men and the clients are older decadent women.

1st single “Rusty Trombone” is a somewhat hidden allusion to a very popular sexual act in this doghouse brothel. If you are uptight about these things, you can always pretend that it is a song about an instrument... (But it really isn’t)


released July 17, 2015

Music and lyrics by Strangers On A Train

Frederik Juul Rasmussen - vocals
Mikael Jørgensen - uprigth bass
Ask Jensen - guitar, mandolin & piano
Jens Gunni Busck - accordion
Sune Stender - drums

Alexander Wrede Elung - violin on Oceans Of Gold & Tentacles
Peter Jensen - trombone on Oceans Of Gold, Rusty Trombone & Tales Of Kuchsmann

Produced by Morten Bue & Strangers On A Train
Mixed by Morten Bue
Mastered by Doug Van Sloan



all rights reserved


Strangers On A Train Copenhagen, Denmark

Cabaret, sea shantys, polka, vaudeville and echoes of tango all meet up when Strangers On A Train take the stage. It is music that unfolds after dark and will take you on a ride through the dark side of life with songs about lust, temptation, fornication, covert beauty and drunken suffering.

We promise you loads of harmonica, music for your dancing shoes and stories from the unknown taverns.
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Track Name: Welcome To The Doghouse
Feast your heavy lidded eyes
on this buffét of pecks and thighs,
oiled buns and powdered whigs
So hot, they’ll melt any golden crucifix

Erect and firm
Ready and willing
They stand alert, well-versed in wallowing in dirt
And they will fill
all that needs filling
Ladies, we welcome you to dine at The Doghouse

Anything that you desire
Plunge headfirst into this Godless mire
Cast all decency away
And join in this salacious cabaret

Erect and firm...

Oh, fork over the fee
for carnal love and lubricity
You’ll never want to leave
Though you may just want to heave
You’ve never been satisfied like this
Track Name: Rusty Trombone
Well, he’ll come doe eyed, whimpering, on his knees
Screaming for mercy, begging for sweet release
Oh, but he’s yours, he’s yours for the hour
He’s yours to degrade and devour

Strip him down, rip his hide
Strap it on and rip him up inside
Sign your name in his flesh with a knife
Beat him to within an inch of his life

Full service every time
Our patented depravity so vile, sublime
You’re exhausted, dizzy and prone
when you’re playing that rusty trombone

Take your pick, worn out or young
choose to lick, to probe, fist or tongue
Every square inch to do with as you will
Every gallon of blood- yours to spill

Strip him down...
Track Name: The Balcony
In here you can be anything
Worth or unworthy of imagining
An empress more tempestuous than any king
A bawd stripped to nothing

We’ve potions both wild and serene
Shadows, smoke will set the scene
With heads to sever and lambs to wean
Our promiscuous virgin queen

All clad in furs and lace
All showered with champagne and grace
With ruby lips and golden hair
As if culled from a dream or nightmare
Throbbing scepter in one hand
she strides to survey her land
and tall and awful stands for all to see
on The Balcony

We’ll draw a bath for you of gin and milk
and we will bandage you in skin and silk
On your head we place a crown of glass
in this godforsaken palace

Anoint your sons with blood and vaseline
Send the unworthy to the guillotine
Even her mercy is the most obscene
Our promiscuous virgin queen
Track Name: Naked And Afraid
Sweet mescaline
Dewdrops to fuel this machine
Naked and afraid
Disgraced but at least I’m gettin’ paid

Satin black to hide my vision
Gorging on this vile nutrition
Sloppy holes defy precision
and grope and grind in blissful dark
her skin that brings to mind a shark’s
We’re drowning, making love with bitter
hate - hate - hate

Ether and beer
Help me find some beauty in her leer
Rum, don’t fail me now
Help me mount this putrid sow somehow

Satin black...

Lysergic bliss
Dull the gruesome affront of her kiss
Naked and afraid,
Prepaid, otherwise she won’t get laid
Track Name: Tales Of Kuchsmann
Well, I gather that you are a lady of taste
for love that is rabid and rampantly paced
So grease up your saddle, I’ll bring out the stud
His name is Hudson Kuchsmann - he’ll answer to Hud

Once he brought a comtessa
to the uppermost peaks of delight
Her rapturous screams
shattered the glass ‘ere she died
You may not make it through the night

Hud, he was born to a life of carnal sin
The doctor first thought him a siamese twin
His mother, the poor thing, survived not his birth
On her face was a smile of orgasmic mirth

Once he satisfied twelve maids at once
None of them homely or plain
Seven of them went insane
from the pleasure and pain
Five of them never walked again

Well, I gather that you are a lady of taste...

Once he caused a disaster
just by walking through a park in the nude
Every woman lost her mind,
every man was turned into a fruit
and all the children grew up lewd
Track Name: The Madame
With rustling keys caressed by rusty nails
Her dress: A Dior of bleached skin and entrails
For her hunger we burn, burn at the stake
Impossible to sate

Yes, our lady of torture and insult
she cages us with debt and opium and pain
and when we’re all used up,
can’t even raise a cup (/lie on top),
she will wring every last drop of blood
out of us

Black collars round our necks, like jewellery
Her love: A stranglehold. A stranger to sympathy,
her mocking laughter peals just like a bell
from a monastery in Hell
Track Name: Oceans Of Gold
The world’s all a blur
All drenched in drink and a smoky odour
Belch out this chanson
‘till I can’t tell my mom from a sketch by Redon

Blood begone!
I want only wine in my veins
by the end of this song

Oceans of gold
When you think you are done
you must drink up tenfold
Should you hit the ground,
we’ll cut out your bladder and pass it around
Track Name: Room Service
One day we’ll flee
this chrysalis of iniquity
but until that day
we must fall in line and obey

A sigh under fake moonlight
We cower and growl with hunger (/anger)
A sigh under fake moonlight
We cower, cower

In our dresses of clingfilm
they put us on a strict diet of mushrooms
We’re under only the sternest
instruction not to leave these rooms

A sigh under fake moonlight...

Whipped and scorned, we bow and scrape
Placate their wrath, lubricate their rape
The minions of a sick cabal
We must slave or they’ll swallow us all
Track Name: Für Helene
Shooting up on the edge of my bed
and I’ll keep going til the inside of my head
feels like Vienna on a new year’s eve
and I’ve washed away all this regret

Could I unlive these past few unliveable years,
could I erase the Nanas I’ve been
and the lucky Pierres,
I was passed around by filthy hands
not unlike currency,
traded ass for cigarettes, whored my way to luxury

Her face turned into a tapestry of rain
I reached out to touch her and the ripples spelled
out her name

Should have never turned my back on you
Now I need opiates and lube just to see me through
I’m tortured and toyed with night and day
Guess it’s my punishment for treating you that way

They dress me in colored rags just like a doll
They forcefeed me used tampons
drenched with alcohol
They violate me with rubber contraptions
just to laugh at my reactions

Her face turned into a tapestry of rain...
Track Name: Tentacles
Sink into death
Sink into wine, my love
This seamstress weaves her web
to catch the sweetest dove

My doe, the path you walk
is ill-lit and slender
and though the virgin lives in your heart,
be sure I have claws to rend her

I mock you in your sleep
I am that painful tread of your every waking moment
Eat of my flesh, drink of my scalding crimson
And all the fetid deeds you swore never to perform?
Well, you’re in The Doghouse now,
all those vile deeds will be the norm

Drink deep, my friend
Drink down this liquid dust
Feel the teeth of my grinning mouth
in your gut at every thrust

I’ll cake your face with paint
Tint your lips and your sex red
I’ll teach you to smile through the sobs
with your hand out and with your legs spread

I mock you on your sleep...

Sink into sleep
but never find rest
Just keep breathing deeply through
every vile caress of your breast

My doe, the path you walk
is ill-lit and slender...
Track Name: Room Of A Thousand Tears
There’s a black painted, oaken door
at the end of the corridor
Three corroded locks adorn it
and only madam has the keys
And though madame is a proud mistress
she prides herself most on her permissiveness
So foolhardy though it be,
if you wish to peek feel free

Into the room
of a thousand tears, my sweet,
where the ceiling drips with red
and the moaning of the dead
seems to pierce you from within

Yeah, in the room
of a thousand tears, my dear,
should you still feel like romance
you will see their rotting hands
digging right into your skin

Slough your boots off and step inside
Feel the plush carpet come alive
Listen to the rattling of our bones
rolling to and fro
And oh, madame is a foul mistress,
a slavedriving, blackhearted murderess,
but even so she won’t deny
an old whore a warm place to die

In the room...
Track Name: Blue Rose
A Pollock of dried white and clotted red
A mosaic of broken dom perignon
Factor lipstip graffiti says
that “youth is wasted on the young”
And the peruvian is dotted with
the butts of a hundred menthol cigarettes,
scattered like soldiers in a Fuller flick,
among the gitanes and freixenets

Wilted dreams whirr by
Soap down the fallin souls every night
Lingering smoke in a velvet sky
A blue rose

Muddled like thoughts
in the brain of a drunk ingenue
flirtateous mementos in verse float by
on a current of stale rosé
to this blue rose lullaby
Down the gutter with the jizz and the jazz
run your oily Columbine tears
serenaded by Carmens and Camilles,
by Macbeths and King Lears

Wilted dreams whirr by...